Binge or Balance: Strategies for Writing Up the Dissertation

Writing Up

I’m in the middle of the dreaded ‘write up’ phase. No, I didn’t leave all the writing to the end, but it’s still a massive undertaking to whip everything into shape. It’s one thing to have developed ideas with examples and citations on the page, it’s another to hone the expression so that the reader can understand them and be guided through the dissertation.
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Organizing Research and Facilitating Writing: 10 tools in 10 minutes


Embedded below is a presentation I gave to new research students in the history department at St Andrews.

While introducing some tools that I find useful in my own academic workflow, I hoped to make the general point that using different applications to break up the messy, complex beast that is the research project makes it more manageable.

It is technically feasible to write an entire PhD project using only Word, but no sane person would do this. By thinking about the disparate tasks that make up research and writing and considering what tool works best for each function, it becomes easier to envision just how you might go about writing a lengthy dissertation.
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4 Ideas on Creating a Daily Writing Habit


At the start of this summer I spent some time thinking about how I would structure my day in order to get more writing done. I wanted to find a daily schedule that I could follow consistently, without the risk of burnout.

This post will outline some of the things I’ve learned about how to spend time writing productively each and every day.
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Creating a Digital Ecosystem for Academic Work


Embedded below is a presentation I gave at the University of St Andrews earlier today on creating a digital ecosystem for academic research.

Having already discussed many disparate software options for research and writing in previous ‘digital history’ presentations, this workshop was designed to demonstrate how these different products can fit together and work as a whole within an academic workflow.
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Happy International Museum Day!: Museums Change Lives (well, mine)


As it’s International Museum Day, let me tell you a story about a museum and a younger me:

Cast yourself back to 2008. The Great Recession had hit and Lehman Brothers investment bank had just collapsed. I was occupied on some of the financial fall-out of this, working in my first job as a corporate financier in London Town. My presence in the office from 6am to 11pm during this time – and additional issues – had me thinking this might not be the career for me.
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