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9 Tips on Writing a Blog Post

Looking for some tips on writing a blog post quickly? You’re in the right place! Here are nine ideas to help you: 1 – Know Your Topic To write a blog post quickly you need to...


A History of Peace Through Strength in the 1970s

The term ‘Peace Through Strength’ has long history, dating from the ancient world. It remains a popular phrase in American politics, often seen as epitomising Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy. The history of the term...


I’m running the Scottish Half Marathon

  signed up for the Scottish Half Marathon, which this year happens to be on my birthday. The prospect of running the furthest I’ve ever run in a single race on my birthday seemed...

Clyde Walkway

Falls of Clyde, Lanarkshire

Last weekend I visited a UNESCO World Heritage site, spotted a nesting Peregrine Falcon, and saw a couple of beautiful waterfalls. The Falls of Clyde is a pretty spectacular short walk. Tweet