A Copywriter At Every Meeting

A Copywriter At Every Meeting

A copywriter should be included at every marketing meeting.It’s difficult to decide on the final shape and composition of a marketing project before you get a professional copywriter on the job.

The benefit of having a copywriter in the room is to have someone sat around the table whose profession is to turn vague decisions into a tangible form.

When your job function is to take ideas and turn them into prose, it has a clarifying effect on contributions to marketing meetings. I regularly find myself asking variations of “What exactly do you mean by that?”

A copywriter adds nuance where necessary and cuts fluff to achieve clarity. In general, writers balance creativity – they have to create text from nothing – with practicality – that text must make sense and serve a purpose.

Writers are quite critical of ideas as a result but aren’t just naysayers. They’re forced to generate plenty of ideas so that there’s always a concept to work with.

This ability to be both creative and selective is really useful in business writing. A copywriter can add value at every stage of a writing project, not just at the end to churn out the final copy:


  • Objectives – how does this writing project contribute to business objectives?
  • Audience – who is this copy intended to reach?
  • Nuance – what information must be conveyed?
  • Potential Problems – are there issues with how this will be written?
  • Insights – what related project experience is useful?


When the copywriter is included from start to finish, you have an individual with a vested interest in preventing mission creep and unrealistic ambition.

Copywriters will help to create clear and concise project objectives with realistic expectations. They’ll then create great copy. And if they’re really good, they’ll also chip in with ideas on how project success should be measured.

A copywriter should be included at every marketing meeting.

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