9 Tips on Writing a Blog Post

Looking for some tips on writing a blog post quickly? You’re in the right place! Here are nine ideas to help you:

1 – Know Your Topic

To write a blog post quickly you need to stay on top of the news and thought leadership in your industry. Use Feedly to find and read blogs so you know what’s happening. Once you’ve found some thought leaders in your area, read what they have to say.

2 – Capture Your Ideas

Make sure to keep track of the ideas that interest you. To write quickly you will need a collection of ideas to dip into and write-up in your post. Use Evernote to save interesting stories, collect information, and write down your thoughts.

3 – Have a Focus – Solve a Problem

To write quickly, you need purpose for your writing. Make sure you are solving a problem for your readers. You need to make sure people will want to read your writing; what are you offering them? People will spend time reading what you have to say if it is clear why doing so will benefit them.


4 – Brainstorm

When you are initially drafting your blog post, don’t hold back! In the first instance, get your thoughts on the page, don’t self-censor; it’s much quicker to edit than to write. A great tool for this stage is Freemind. Write the problems your audience has and your thoughts on how you can solve them.

5 – Draft

Time to get things into shape. Craft a workable draft that brings together the problem you’re writing about and your solution to that problem. Think about the logic of your blog post; is it clear what you are trying to say?

6 – Evidence

After your first quick draft, make sure you haven’t made things up: is there evidence to back up what you have said? Find some links to credible resources that show that you’ve done your research. If you can show you’ve done your homework, your writing will have authority.

7 – Resources

To write a really great blog post, make sure you add value to your readers by linking to further resources that go further in helping to solve the problem you are addressing.

Writing Tools

8 – Edit

Now is time to think of your reader. Strive for clarity. Can your readers glance down your post and clearly determine how you have solved their problem? No? Then edit again. Try using a website called Hemmingway. It helps you achieve clear writing, and will speed up your editing process.

9 – Share

Part of writing your blog post is getting people to read it: find your audience. Share among those people who will value the solution to the problem you have just addressed.


That’s it: 9 tips to help you write a blog post. Good luck and happy blogging!


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