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Why is note taking important?

Note taking is an underrated skill. Note taking isn’t just important for college students, it’s a valuable life skill. If you are able to take good notes, you will be more effective in pursuing your goals whether you are a student, writer, or entrepreneur. There’s a correlation between taking notes and creative thinking. Creativity isn’t […]

Handwriting on the iPad Pro

Here’s a quick write up of using the iPad Pro for handwriting. I’ve seen a lot of opinions from designers and artists on the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil combination, but not much from writers. This post is an attempt to remedy that. The iPad Pro has been in my toolkit for just under a […]

Digital note taking

  I’ve been interested in note taking for years. (I felt like I had to be to finish my PhD…) This page is an entry point for the articles and posts I’ve written on note taking over the years. While it stands alone, it also includes plenty of links that give additional info on specific […]

Sounds Good on Paper – Review

I like to read books about writing. It’s always interesting to understand how other writers approach their profession, and the best books offer more than just platitudes on how hard it is to write. Roger Horberry’s ‘Sounds Good on Paper: How to Bring Business Language to Life‘ is a very easy-to-read book on figures of […]

MozCon 2017 review – Marketing (and Snacks)

What is MozCon? A three-day conference with 27 lectures covering digital marketing from multiple angles. More here. I could just upload all my unfiltered notes but I will spare you that. Instead, here are four themes that resonated with me and will influence my work going forward: The changing nature of search:   – Voice […]

Publish more by writing less: How to repurpose your writing and expand the reach of your research

The online academic: why bother? Teaching and authoring scholarly publications are time-consuming pressures and are the core responsibilities of an academic. Which leads to the question: why be an active, online academic? After all, Social media is a total distraction. Website management and blogging can be difficult skills to acquire. Writing for online venues surely […]

A Copywriter At Every Meeting

A copywriter should be included at every marketing meeting.It’s difficult to decide on the final shape and composition of a marketing project before you get a professional copywriter on the job. The benefit of having a copywriter in the room is to have someone sat around the table whose profession is to turn vague decisions […]

The Hardest Part of Starting a Business After a PhD

I’ve been asked a few times recently about how I started a business after finishing my PhD. There are things that I expected would be hard, but weren’t. So I’ll start with these, and I hope they’ll give you encouragement that post-PhD freelancing is possible. Then I’ll talk about the hardest part of running a […]