Edinburgh Digital Tourism Conference 2015 (#digitourism2015) Recap


I went along to the Edinburgh Digital Tourism Conference last week because ‘digital’ was in the title and I like travel.

This is a ‘quick hit’ post of a few thoughts I came away with:

1- My sense was that in the tourism industry ‘building audience’ is less of an issue than in other sectors.

People already love to take pictures of their holiday and share them online with friends. Rather than growing an audience, a common objective for many of my clients, the concern of many of the professionals I spoke to was how to harness this user generated content. They were looking for strategies to repackage this content in a way that was both inspiring and useful for future travellers.

2- Increasing engagement is fairly simple: Be human.

Whatever the industry a brand operates in, its content strategy needs to recognise that normal people, to use marketing jargon, ‘engage over niche topics’.

What this means in plain English is that normal people talk to other people about the things they like. Shocking!

If brands want to engage with their audience they need to be comfortable having conversions about ‘tiny topics’. And this is harder than it seems when an individual is representing a brand on social media.

3- Accessibility is a big deal.

In fact, it’s EU law. But you shouldn’t worry too much because many of the issues to consider overlap with SEO optimisation and common sense design (i.e. give clear headers, no red-on-green, etc.).

All in all this was a great conference. I’ll be back next year!

Here’s the conference website.

Here’s the conference hashtag to recap what went on.

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