About Me


What I do:

I’m a Content Strategist. I help organisations create content that prompts user action and contributes to growth objectives. It’s about helping them be more strategic with their digital marketing efforts: blogging, social media, and paid search all have to be planned in tandem to work effectively.

The glue that holds content, outreach campaigns, and real-world business growth together is digital analytics. Without a proper web analytics solution, you’re flying blind. In practice, I help organisations articulate their offering in terms that normal people can understand, implement data capturing methods, and then offer actionable, common sense insights that can increase traffic, avoid wasted marketing spend, and improve website conversion rates.

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Still scrolling? You want to know more about me?! Goodness me – send a message already my friend … But as you’re clearly keen:

When I’m not pounding away on a keyboard, you can find me sitting in Edinburgh coffee shops reading spy novels and sports biographies. At weekends, I roam Central Scotland, taking low-quality snaps as I go.


I run. Even when it’s raining.

I read. I try to get through 52 books a year.

I hike. My Fitbit likes big numbers.

I travel. I like going up tall buildings in unfamiliar places.

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